UW健康 验光 Goes “Out to Pasture”

新闻 // Jun 04 2020

The UW健康 Specialty Clinic – Mauston, located at the Mile Bluff Medical Center in Mauston, Wisconsin, created an udderly amazing bovine display for the 6th Annual Cowtastic CowMOOnity Event, which benefits the local Veterans Memorial Park.

Participants, made up of local businesses and clubs, are provided with a plywood cow cut-out to decorate.  Jeanne Pollack, certified ophthalmic assistant, is the mastermind behind this year’s UW健康 验光 “I Spy” cow. You can check out her clever clues and the cow below.

The cows are on display at the Mauston Lions Park through the month of June. Judges will then select ten cows to attend the Juneau County Fair w这里 fairgoers will vote for the winner. Good luck to UW健康 Specialty Clinic – Mauston!

More information 这里.

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